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Market goes up, Market goes down, Either way you make $$$$$ at ICS!


Pick coollogo_com_50782685.gifyour favorite Mutual Fund Company Relax ICS does the rest!


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Although it might appear to be riskier to hold stocks than bonds, precisely the opposite is true. The safest long-term investment for the "preservation of purchasing power" has clearly been stocks over 73% of the time from 1802-1997), not bonds, and definitely, not cash!
(Source: W. J. Bernstein, Efficient Frontier).

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When Risks and Returns Become the Same
(Source: Efficient Frontier)

" Honest, Competent Investors, specializing in Mutual funds "

John Houseman once said in a Smith-Barney ad, "We make money the old fashioned way -- we earn it."  Are you too busy making a living to attend to your investments?  Or maybe, you are already living your life by doing the things most important to you!  In either case, we can help by making your hard-earned money work as hard as you do!
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What ICS offers you:


  • continuous monitoring of your investments
  • over twenty-five years of successful investment experience
  • use of 'honed' modern portfolio theory that produces maximum return at minimum risk
  • guaranteed low fee structure
  • freedom to do what you do best, along with peace-of-mind that your investments are secure and in   good hands.

    Your overall investment strategy depends on a variety of things such as:

  • Your investment goals
  • Time horizon
  • Risk tolerance and investment preferences
    Each of which determines how we will allocate your funds for maximum return at minimum risk.

    Comparing ICS to 50-year annual returns (ibbotson.com) of the following 5 asset allocation models, ICS beat all of them, which means hundreds of thousands of dollars more money for you at retirement (below).  Actually, ICS' lifetime average return and risk management is better than 96% of its competitors!

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